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Speaking and Talks - Past and Futre

I'm often to be found speaking and giving talks, on a variety of technology topics. These are mostly commonly in areas around Open Source in general, specific Open Source Software in particular, Open Development, Architecture, making Software Development more efficient, Project Management, and Pharma / Medical / Pharmaceutics IT/Software. However, especially at smaller events, it can just be about whatever recent technology has caught my eye or inspired me!

At the moment, there are a few talks which I have either given before which proved popular and could easily be updated, or ones I've planned out and have received positive reviews when described. If you need someone to talk on something like these topics, let me know!

  • What's with the 1s and 0s? Making sense of binary data (on a big data scale)
    Using tools like Apache Tika to identify, classify and process large quantities of binary data, potentially on a big data scale
  • Agile and Pharma - Manifesto meets Regulations!
    What happens with the Agile Manifesto meets with a Regulated Industry? My experiences of introducing a form of agile to the Pharmaceuticals sector, and what you need to know to do the same!
  • Open Sourve vs Open Development
    Lessons in different kinds of open-ness from an Enterprise Open Source Firm. Covers the differences, advantages and disadvantages, and one case study of moving to Open Development
  • An introduction to NoSQL and Big Data
    What is this Big Data thing anyway? Things to consider when picking your NoSQL solution
  • The other Apache Technologies your Big Data solution needs
    What are the other Apache technologies you need to know about, when you come to put together your Big Data solution? Important if you want to avoid re-inventing the wheel!
  • Lessons in Community from the ASF
  • The Apache Way
    What is The Apache Way, and how does it allow collaboration to build world-changing software from strong communities?
  • Open Source and the Pharmaceuticals Sector
  • Open Source and Mobile Health

For smaller events, and/or shorter sessions, the kinds of things I can talk about include:

  • UNIX tools for Programmers
  • SSH tips and tricks
  • How not to be scared by Vi
  • Remember your SysAdmins when developing your code
  • Monitoring Basics for Programmers
  • How to organise technology events
  • How to organise BarCamps / What is a Barcamp/Unconference
  • Letting Business people design Workflows you can execute (with Activiti)
  • Most things about Alfresco
  • Most things about Apache POI and Apache Tika
  • Reverse engineering file formats (especially binary ones)
  • Crowd-Sourcing data, including how to crowd source one dataset by stealth using different open data!

I did used to maintain a list of my past speaking and events, but that got a bit out of date and was a pain to update. Some friends of mine then invented Lanyrd, so I stopped having to do it myself!

For a fairly complete guide to when I've presented at conferences, and on what, look no further than my Lanyrd Speaking Appearances list. For the smaller events (such as BarCamps and Unconferences) that I've helped organise, run, and led sessions at, my Lanyrd Orgnaised Events list is the place to check!

There are a few topics and areas where I've spoken in past, but which I'm probably not involved enough in at the moment to give a detailed talk. The following are probably only suitable for high level or retrospective talks, not full-blown "1 hour on the current state of" type technical sessions!

  • Open Data
  • Open GeoData (eg OpenStreetMap, NPEMaps)
  • Open Source for Mobile / Mobile App Development

TODO - Talk Natalie and Simon into offering an embeddable version of the Speaking List so I can have them shown in-line here....

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