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Former idea - Iffley Village Wireless

Note - I'm not currently doing very much with public or long-range wifi, beyond helping test the odd IoT thing. If you're in Oxford / Oxfordshire and interested in that sort of thing, I'd suggest getting involved with either The Oxford Hackspace, or speaking with Love Hertz (and Oxford-based whitespace / long-range wifi / IoT startup)

Iffley Wireless, Jul 03 - Mar 06

Last year, I lived in Jericho, and played with wireless there. Now, I'm across town in Iffley Village, and doing more things there.

Unfortunately, my current access point has died, and I'm waiting for it to get fixed under Warranty. Once it's back, I'll probably re-jig the network, and hopefully be able to offer access to all. For now, if you are passing Iffley, get in touch and I'll let you know the current details to get you on.

If anyone else is in Iffley Village and interested in Wireless, again please do contact me about it. It'd be quite cool to get something set up for the area.

As an aside, if you're interested in mobile wireless, then go take a look at my page on Series-60 SmartPhones and Linux.

Jericho Wireless, Sept 02 - Jun 03

Last year, I was living on Cardigan Street in Jericho. Several of my friends were also living on the street, including one set in the house over the road and one door down. Given this location, we opted to do some wireless stuff along the street.

Alas, we didn't get much interest beyond our two houses, so we ended up with just a two node system. Armed with this, we were able to have internet access from the back of one garden through to almost the back of the other. Oh, and we could get wireless access along most of the street.

The other slight downer was that we couldn't stretch the signal to the nearby Bookbinders pub. While this may have been a good thing for our work, it was still a little pesky. If only we'd got around to getting some better ariels!

For anyone thinking of setting up a new network in Jericho, I've archived the results of our testings here.

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