AKA Parrot for OS/2 EMX

If you're interesting in Parrot, you really ought to be on the mailinglist. Its currently hiding at Check out the mailinglists section of for information on how to subscribe.

Parrot/2 came about after a challenge to one of the Parrot developers, Alex Gough, who's a good friend of mine. It was thought that getting the parrot bytecode interpreter building on OS/2 with EMX would be a challenge for him. Alas it wasn;t, and we'd got a happy tinderbox system building cleanly from cvs inside 3 days...

So, to build Parrot for OS/2, you'll need the EMX development tools, and a few other things. See
The Readme
for details on what you need, and how to set it up. It should be really straight forward after that.