Photo /nick/6951
The club mascot chills in the Oxford Blue with some sweets
Photo /nick/6952
The sweets were called "Lifesavers"
Photo /nick/6953
The Peter's boys chill out
Photo /nick/6954
Verdeep improves Univ-Balliol relations
Photo /nick/6956
Jo basks in the glory of coming third (just before finding out she really came second)
Photo /nick/6957
The Peter's boys enjoy their sucess
Photo /nick/6958
The winning (but ultimately in-eligable) Hamnett Duo
Photo /nick/6959
The Peter's boys, now upgraded to 1st + 3rd
Photo /nick/6960
Was the curry house trying to suggest something to Simon?
Photo /nick/6961
Lisi, Hilary and Nick
Photo /nick/6962
Allison (Balliol), Gillian and Dom
Photo /nick/6963
Katie, Simon and ? (Univ)
Photo /nick/6964
Will and James

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