Photo /nick/6907
We prepare to go punting
Photo /nick/6908
The club's birthday cake!
Photo /nick/6909
Gillian prepares the candles
Photo /nick/6910
The other punt prepares the pimms
Photo /nick/6911
Photo /nick/6912
Hilary punts us expertly, while Simon makes up more pimms
Photo /nick/6913
Simon enjoys a spot of pimms
Photo /nick/6914
Hilary narrowly avoids a tree
Photo /nick/6915
Gillian finds punting harder than expected, and rapidly gets to know the bank
Photo /nick/6916
Nicks pilots one boat back in, after Hilary's had enough
Photo /nick/6917
Gillian gets friendly with the bank once more
Photo /nick/6919
Nick gives Gillian some punting tips

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