Photo /nick/6702
Lisi and Katie chill in the pub after the competition
Photo /nick/6703
Emily mingles with Cambridge
Photo /nick/6704
Alex with his pint
Photo /nick/6705
Hilary, with her birthday pimms
Photo /nick/6706
Photo /nick/6707
Gillian tries the rosé
Photo /nick/6711
Photo /nick/6713
The cakes, loving made by Nick
Photo /nick/6715
Judges Simon and Chris
Photo /nick/6720
We go for food in the Slug and Lettice
Photo /nick/6721
Oxford, with their Champagne
Photo /nick/6722
The Oxford girls get stuck into their drinking
Photo /nick/6724
Photo /nick/6725
JO arrives, from watching the waterpolo
Photo /nick/6728
Katie and Will, in Queens' bar
Photo /nick/6729
Gillian and Simon strut their funky stuff
Photo /nick/6730
Emily shows Chris just how to dance
Photo /nick/6737
Photo /nick/6739
Some Cambridge guys take quite a liking to Jo and Emily
Photo /nick/6742

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