Photo /nick/6010
Hilary, Esther and Jo prepare for the many incidents to follow
Photo /nick/6011
Hilary throws a rope
Photo /nick/6012
The Oxford Girls, before the swim and tow (and Nick in the background)
Photo /nick/6013
The "Oxford" A team (including Rich from Southampton, following Gregs failure to appear)
Photo /nick/6014
Oxford prepare for the swim and tow
Photo /nick/6015
Rich approaches the wall to collect Esther
Photo /nick/6017
Several pickups, including Esther of Jo
Photo /nick/6018
Neck and Neck
Photo /nick/6019
Jo towing Hilary
Photo /nick/6020
Photo finish!
Photo /nick/6021
The "Oxford" team, at the start of the social

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