Photo /nick/5962
The dry incident featured a fight resulting in an unconcious woman, a baby dropped and a guy suffering an angina attack
Photo /nick/5964
Ant and Chris look nice and confident
Photo /nick/5966
Adil and Liz from Cambridge look less so
Photo /nick/5967
Cambridge get information from the Lifeguard with the sprained ankle
Photo /nick/5968
Trying to land the swimmer
Photo /nick/5969
Sarah charges onto pool side, as Esther restrains the drunks
Photo /nick/5970
Landing the unconcious swimmer is tricky with the sloping pool side
Photo /nick/5971
If you don't stop the drunks in time, they enter the water in search of their friend
Photo /nick/5972
If you talk to the lifeguard, she tells you she has a radio
Photo /nick/5973
Diving down for the body
Photo /nick/5974
The tango man is swapped for a real person
Photo /nick/5975
In the casualty goes
Photo /nick/5976
To a point of support on the waters edge
Photo /nick/5977
Chris and Annant stride in
Photo /nick/5978
Chris calls in the swimmers in the way
Photo /nick/5979
Photo /nick/5981
Annant supports the casualty while Chris gets out
Photo /nick/5982
Landing the casualty
Photo /nick/5983
The B team prepare to swim - Alex, Hilary, Rowan and Chris
Photo /nick/5984
The A team - Greg, Chris, Jo and Annant
Photo /nick/5985
The C team - Haris, Nikki, Sarah and Esther
Photo /nick/5986
The B team again
Photo /nick/5987
Swim and tow
Photo /nick/5988
Picking up casualties on the swim and tow
Photo /nick/5989
Photo /nick/5990
Some fast swimming
Photo /nick/5991
At the start of the rope throw
Photo /nick/5992
Waiting for the rope throw to start
Photo /nick/5993
Throwing ropes
Photo /nick/5994
Photo /nick/5995
Pulling in
Photo /nick/5996
The winning Oxford A team, in a photo with some very odd effects....

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