Photo /nick/5850
Nottingham A start of the incident, encountering the lifeguard and guy with the injured leg
Photo /nick/5851
Nottingham sit down the lifeguard, before helping the injured person, not ideal...
Photo /nick/5852
Collecting the concious swimmers from the kayac accident
Photo /nick/5853
Fetching the unconcious person (who had a dead baby inside the Kayak), just to the left of which was the tango man
Photo /nick/5854
Helen (in white) had a mobile phone
Photo /nick/5855
Bringing in the casualties, and finding the dead baby manakin
Photo /nick/5856
Preparing to throw ropes
Photo /nick/5857
Photo /nick/5858
Photo /nick/5859
You can see the action, but that's about it...
Photo /nick/5860
Some speedy pulling in is done
Photo /nick/5861
Photo /nick/5862
Photo /nick/5863
The swimmers head off
Photo /nick/5864
Photo /nick/5866
Picking up Hilary
Photo /nick/5867
High speed towing
Photo /nick/5868
Thw next swimmer departs
Photo /nick/5869
Then tows back
Photo /nick/5870
Photo /nick/5871
Photo /nick/5872
Photo /nick/5873
How not to tow - with people not in line
Photo /nick/5874
Photo /nick/5875
Photo /nick/5876
Photo /nick/5877
At the social - Nick, Hilary and Jo
Photo /nick/5878
or the other way around, Hilary Nick and Jo
Photo /nick/5879
Hilary's twin Gillian arrives, bringing her boyfriend Sam

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