Photo /nick/4900
Photo /nick/4901
The incident contained an acid spill, which had affected one of the two workmen
Photo /nick/4902
Someone actually manages to get the baby off the traumatic mother to treat it
Photo /nick/4903
The acid spill left one person with burns, another unconcious, and the two in the pool with burning eyes
Photo /nick/4904
Trying to deal with the baby as the panicy mother interfered
Photo /nick/4905
Getting the non injured swimmers out and to safety
Photo /nick/4906
Who can remember the treatment for acid spills?
Photo /nick/4907
Someone else neglecting to find the junoir on the bottom, which we did!
Photo /nick/4908
The novelty event - the chair rescue
Photo /nick/4909
Sit one person in the chair, and have the other three tow them!
Photo /nick/4910
The best tactic was to stand up and run in shallow water
Photo /nick/4911
Some managed the running better than others
Photo /nick/4912
Southampton have issues with Becky and her chair
Photo /nick/4913
A close finish, as the swimming resumes with the chairs
Photo /nick/4914
Just what is blondie up to?
Photo /nick/4915
Becky Fresh looks uninpressed
Photo /nick/4916
Blondie has possibly too much fun with the hairdryer
Photo /nick/4917
Rob was one of the few to dress up, going as Banana Man!
Photo /nick/4918
Oxford chill out after the competition
Photo /nick/4919
Will and Greg, with pints and happy
Photo /nick/4920
We all play drinking games, none of which Plymouth knew....
Photo /nick/4921
The Southampton corner, the power house of the games. Their new recruit, Jenny (grey top) seemed to be enjoying herself
Photo /nick/4922
People prepare to do a bottles race
Photo /nick/4923
Alex tries to get a head start, as Alice models her bunny outfit
Photo /nick/4924
Off they go!
Photo /nick/4925
Photo /nick/4926
The London girls and Rob party away
Photo /nick/4927
Costumes galore!
Photo /nick/4928
Rob, at the bar, makes the mistake of saying "it's a good job no-one here has one of those camera phones". I got him, and I think someone else did too!
Photo /nick/4929
Bunny Alice, caught in the headlights at the bar
Photo /nick/4930
Helen and Zeph chill out on the sofa, watching the A-Team
Photo /nick/4932
The toga wearing marrow collection people do their evil shots
Photo /nick/4933
Alex looses a game of knuckles to Zeph
Photo /nick/4934
Dimmet and Helen get to laugh as Alex looses
Photo /nick/4935
Rob and Rob swap costumes for some bar incidents
Photo /nick/4936
Look at Rob down that drink
Photo /nick/4937
The other Rob goes for the shooters...
Photo /nick/4938
... and they double-team them
Photo /nick/4939
The Rob's down their pints

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