Photo /nick/4661
Annant and Muz, chill out post dinner in the RA
Photo /nick/4662
Hilary and Kat
Photo /nick/4663
Nikki, Madd and Nick
Photo /nick/4664
Muz and Hilary in The Jericho (we went to the Bookbinders in between)
Photo /nick/4665
Kat, Madd and Nikki, taking a break from answering the pub quiz questions for the table next to us
Photo /nick/4666
Annant and Nick, drinking as usual
Photo /nick/4667
Kat decides to be an individual, and opts for a cone in G&Ds
Photo /nick/4668
Photo /nick/4669
Almost worthy of a caption competition, this one....
Photo /nick/4670
Ant and Muz finally get their ice cream
Photo /nick/4671
Nick and Hilary

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