Photo /nick/4478
Annant as an army type and Nikki as a Ninja, at Nikki's 20th Party - "Dress as the first letter of your name"
Photo /nick/4479
More randoms appear, not nearly as costumed as Ant
Photo /nick/4484
Annant takes a sudden interest in one of Nikki's friend's tops
Photo /nick/4485
Photo /nick/4486
The birthday girls, Winkie, Nikki and Hannah
Photo /nick/4487
Most of Nikki's friends made an effort to dress up
Photo /nick/4489
Another shot of the Birthday girls, as the lifesavers were (as ever) late arriving....
Photo /nick/4490
Cat (Clown), Ruth (Rabbit), Nicola (Nurse), Nikki (Ninja), Martin (Magician) and Ant make up the early lifesaver arrivals
Photo /nick/4494
Ragini and Eurime make it along too
Photo /nick/4495
Nicola and Matrin, one of the many lifesaving couples
Photo /nick/4496
Nick and Hilary, the newest
Photo /nick/4497
Greg goes wild with the smoke machine and with the Microphone
Photo /nick/4498
A star of chcolates
Photo /nick/4500
Photo /nick/4501
Greg DJs away
Photo /nick/4506
Lifesavers and non lifesavers mingle in the gloom
Photo /nick/4508
This was taken shortly before the smoke alarm went off.....
Photo /nick/4509
Nikki swaps costume parts
Photo /nick/4512
Photo /nick/4513
Hat swapping galore!
Photo /nick/4514
Nikki gets quite drunk, without the help of aftershock, unlike the rest of us
Photo /nick/4515
Photo /nick/4517
The Lifesaving girls party away
Photo /nick/4519
The lounging couples
Photo /nick/4520
Photo /nick/4526
Photo /nick/4529
Photo /nick/4531
DJ Greg, larging up da house!
Photo /nick/4532
The bar, now visible with the smoke gone!
Photo /nick/4539
Photo /nick/4540
Choclates! The star was unleashed, spreading choclates around the room
Photo /nick/4541
Photo /nick/4544
Greg gives in and allows some kareoke
Photo /nick/4545
Photo /nick/4546
Photo /nick/4547
Then wisely puts on his headphones....
Photo /nick/4552
Photo /nick/4553
Greg escapes from the DJ booth, and comes to join us
Photo /nick/4554
The lifesavers bundle in for a group photo
Photo /nick/4556
Greg and Martin try for a place in the SnogWeb
Photo /nick/4558

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