Photo /nick/4328
Nicola, lacking a costume, desides to be an Indian
Photo /nick/4329
After much deliberation, she decides to let Annant face paint her. Here's the results
Photo /nick/4330
And with the hat. Less indian, but probably better
Photo /nick/4331
Annant and Nicola, pleased with attempt #1 at face painting
Photo /nick/4332
After some hard thinking, Annant decides to let Nick paint his face. Here's the results
Photo /nick/4333
Chris was lame, so we face painted him to improve his look. Liz got away, since she'd at least found herself a hat
Photo /nick/4334
Having missed the captain's boat race by being at the bar, Nick and Laura race downing a pint. For once, Laura wasn't cheating.....
Photo /nick/4335
Another lame tab (Adil), showing why he was right not to get a hat like Liz's
Photo /nick/4336
Cambridge Ruth hides behind Liz's hat of many uses
Photo /nick/4337
The judges and organisers play the "how many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth and still say 'fluffy bunnies' game"
Photo /nick/4338
Stu and Rob, who drew, each with near a pint of marshmallows....
Photo /nick/4339
Nicola and Annant, face painted up, no flash
Photo /nick/4340
And again, with flash. Really must figure out why my camera keeps doing that....
Photo /nick/4341
The tab corner. Hannah seemed to be the one who'd made the most effort, but was far more boring with her neckerchief than one of the birmingham girls....
Photo /nick/4342
Liz's hat makes another cameo, with a guy who might've been swansea, might've been loughborough
Photo /nick/4343
Laura and the other Boscombe lot join in a drinking circle
Photo /nick/4345
Laura models the Toys 'R Us gun, bought for 2 quid. Despite stopping there, we'd still got to the union before people who hadn't....
Photo /nick/4346
The ever lovely Lou from Nottingham. Uncharacteristically, it's a photo of her without Baz. Will the wonders never end?
Photo /nick/4347
Nicola has some emergency face paint alterations. As you can see, she was very happy about all this!
Photo /nick/4348
The newly redecorated, warrior Nicola
Photo /nick/4349
Nicola and "that hat", strangely without her face paints
Photo /nick/4350
Boscombe / Southampton Suzie makes it along, and also tries on the hat
Photo /nick/4351
Rosie, Laura and Nicola, reunited for the first time since convention
Photo /nick/4352
TabCambridge Liz and Boscombe Chris
Photo /nick/4353
Rosie and Laura, ever the charmers
Photo /nick/4354
Tom, before he had trouble standing up, not to mention before he got lost and slept on a bench.....
Photo /nick/4355
Da Boscombe Posse!
Photo /nick/4356
Laura and Suzie, Nick's two "sisters" (and if you don't know why, you should've been at convention!)
Photo /nick/4357
Ahh! Nick dancing!
Photo /nick/4358
OK, own up, who took these photos of me dancing?
Photo /nick/4359
Nicola, cow girl extrodinaire
Photo /nick/4360
Nicola and Annant, close up shot
Photo /nick/4361
And long range shot. Blame Nicola...
Photo /nick/4362
Liz's cleavage. Quite why we have the photo is beyond me....
Photo /nick/4363
Nicola prepares to flem on the floor, cowboy style. It only went down hill from their, as Annant's jumper testified in the morning...
Photo /nick/4364
Adil, sporting the white hat (but who has the black one? Laura want's it back...)
Photo /nick/4365
Cambridge Hannah does her zombie dance
Photo /nick/4366
Ruth climbs as Liz slides. Interesting dancing!
Photo /nick/4367
Chris, Adil and Chris, just look at those faces!
Photo /nick/4368
Liz runs away....
Photo /nick/4369
....and then comes back, doing a chicken impression!
Photo /nick/4370
Action shot of the dance floor
Photo /nick/4371
Lifesavers fill the dance floor. They'd even opened the place specially for us, how nice
Photo /nick/4372
Has Chris pulled?
Photo /nick/4373
Nope, the flash reveals it to be a quite pissed tom
Photo /nick/4374
Nicola does "that look". Just who gave her the water pistol though?!?
Photo /nick/4375
Ian tackles Laura for her gone
Photo /nick/4376
Chris, lacking a hat, tries to be funny. Shocking
Photo /nick/4377
Annant shows he really should've hat a white hat all night
Photo /nick/4378
We finally get Liz into a decent hat
Photo /nick/4379
"Saturday night and the air is getting hot"
Photo /nick/4380
"I want you baby" Oxbridge formation dancing ahoy!
Photo /nick/4381
Liz and Adil show off their borrowed hats.
Photo /nick/4382
Suzie and Ian, with wierd lighting effects
Photo /nick/4383
And with the right flash. Looks more boring in this one though
Photo /nick/4384
Suzie demonstrates her handy pint holder
Photo /nick/4385
Oh look, it's Ralph about to make his move on the unsuspecting Hannah
Photo /nick/4386
Hannah prepares to defend herself
Photo /nick/4387
Hannah, free of Ralph for a bit
Photo /nick/4388
Liz shows off her secret weapon, the white finger!
Photo /nick/4389
How to pick the right coloured bra for your top, and how not to.....
Photo /nick/4390
Laura and Ian start making some moves
Photo /nick/4391
Ian does a classic face. Admitedly, not as classy as the one Laura made, but alas that photo is lost for good. I can't believe it took that many people to pin me to the floor to steal my camera to delete it... I can't believe Chris was so tight as to tie my laces together!
Photo /nick/4392
Annant and Liz, bopping away in the Oxbridge corner
Photo /nick/4393
Ian pounces on Laura
Photo /nick/4394
Photo /nick/4395
Ian warms up....
Photo /nick/4396
... and pounce!
Photo /nick/4397
Shocking behavoir, earning them well deserved places in the soon to be launched uni snog web.....
Photo /nick/4398
Liz and Nicola, both behaving for once, and both suprisingly sober. Shocking!
Photo /nick/4399
Hannah, free of Ralph, destroys one of the many water pistols that were floating about.

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