Photo /nick/4301
The isolation entertainment - giant game pads, a console, and a dancing game!
Photo /nick/4302
Loughborough strut their stuff, showing everyone just how to dance
Photo /nick/4303
Nicola is very diligant, and does some work. Annant and John are less diligant, and try to sleep....
Photo /nick/4304
Boscombe construct a make-shift catapult
Photo /nick/4305
Another glove goes shooting across the room to attack Cambridge
Photo /nick/4306
Nice to see how serious Boscombe took things...
Photo /nick/4307
The diving pool, scene of the incident
Photo /nick/4308
Casualties included two locked swimmers, a body on the bottom, an unturned kayak (with person), someone with a head injury and two deaf people
Photo /nick/4309
Boscombe B charge out onto pool side, and send Rosie into the cupboard
Photo /nick/4310
Fetching the head injury person
Photo /nick/4311
Bish brings in the head injury person
Photo /nick/4312
Rosie enters the cupboard of death....
Photo /nick/4313
Dealing with the locked swimmers and the deaf swimmers, while Rosie lays dead in the cupboard. That'll teach her about electrocution....
Photo /nick/4314
Oxford A stride confidantly onto pool side
Photo /nick/4315
Annant and Nicola head into the pool, as John deals with a bystander, and Nick looks all captainy
Photo /nick/4316
Nick spots the panicy woman and her electrocuted boyfriend
Photo /nick/4317
Nicola brings in the head injury person
Photo /nick/4318
Annant makes quick work of the locked swimmers using the torpedo bouy
Photo /nick/4319
Nick returns from the cupboard, having turned off the power, and deals with aftercare
Photo /nick/4320
Nicola deals with the deaf swimmers
Photo /nick/4321
Nick handles the woman, as John deals with her boyfriend, and doesn't die (unlike most people...)
Photo /nick/4322
More captainy shouting, as we clear the pool
Photo /nick/4323
Annant goes for the canoe, as the deaf people swim in
Photo /nick/4324
Whoops, hyperventalating woman has gone unconcious. Annant shows how to roll a kayak
Photo /nick/4325
Annant brings the kayaker in, as the deaf swimmers land themselves
Photo /nick/4326
Nicola deals with lots of people
Photo /nick/4327
Just before the end, the pool is clear, and Nick has started faking CPR on the tango man

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