Photo /nick/4221
Tab Chris, looking like a hedgehog. Well, apparently
Photo /nick/4222
The Tab Hedgehogs prop up the bar
Photo /nick/4223
Chris in his armadillo costume mark 2, the clear one
Photo /nick/4224
This is why you shouldn't wear a costume made of bubble wrap....
Photo /nick/4225
Everyone bundles Chris to pop his costume, as Aimee cunningly keeps her matching one hidden
Photo /nick/4226
Chris pops the last of the bubbles
Photo /nick/4227
Aww, how sickening. Matching his and hers armadillo costumes
Photo /nick/4228
The greater and lesser striped Oxford armadillos
Photo /nick/4229
Is it "12 monkeys", or is it "Dude, where's my car?"
Photo /nick/4230
Fishing in reef
Photo /nick/4231
Aimee collects her fish. The scramble to drink the reef afterwards was legendary....
Photo /nick/4232
Oxford chill out, drinking at their own pace, and avoiding some nonsense drinking game in the far corner
Photo /nick/4233
Dime, bar? Yup, we had quality armadillo costumes....
Photo /nick/4234
Blondie and Jo chill out
Photo /nick/4235
Lufbra demonstrated their usual cleptomania, by stealing the drinking bucket
Photo /nick/4236
Laurence of Arbarbia, aka Will in his Peter's scarf
Photo /nick/4237
This is what happens when someone waves an elephant mask in front of the camera.....
Photo /nick/4238
Aimee with her pint of snake bite blank (pound a pint at the time of purchase), still too close to the southampton elephants....
Photo /nick/4239
Stu and the other "proper" elephant
Photo /nick/4240
We meet back up with Cambridge, as Kat enjoys her pint
Photo /nick/4241
Liz dances, for once not with Sian....
Photo /nick/4242
A quite random shot of Liz's shoulder and ear.....
Photo /nick/4243
Simon, Liz and Chris loiter in one corner
Photo /nick/4244
Kat shows what happens if people feed her snake bite....
Photo /nick/4245
The fishing rods come back out again
Photo /nick/4246
London take control of the fishing rods
Photo /nick/4247
Chris is properly caught....
Photo /nick/4248
London Zeph hides the fishing rod (she'd hidden a bottle of malibu there earlier in the night!)
Photo /nick/4249
Oxford, a bit short on dime bars following other teams getting the munchings
Photo /nick/4250
Kat, finally with a drink she liked
Photo /nick/4251
Shock horror! It's will with a pint!
Photo /nick/4252
Stu starts to feel the effects of his drinking....
Photo /nick/4253
Kat as an elephant
Photo /nick/4254
Alex and Lou, Southampton and Nottingham
Photo /nick/4255
Alex and Blondie go harass another club, this time the lovely Birmingham Beth
Photo /nick/4256
Kat, Chris, Aimee and Will, all out of dime bars
Photo /nick/4257
Stu gets back his elephant hat, but not his soberiety....
Photo /nick/4258
A Nottingham zoo keeper, without her hat
Photo /nick/4259
Another who still had hers
Photo /nick/4260
Kat, with a stolen Nottingham hat
Photo /nick/4261
Will, showing the hat really isn't quite his sort of headware....
Photo /nick/4262
Stock Market drinks pricing made things fun. But, who'd pay £9.99 a shot for brandy?!?
Photo /nick/4263
Alex and Beth have a gesticulating debate about something
Photo /nick/4264
Bish and another brum girl pass out (but at least they didn't go to A&E, as most of Bristol did!)
Photo /nick/4265
Chris, Aimee and Will chill out
Photo /nick/4266
Beth stops for a moment, but looks for where to go next
Photo /nick/4267
Rob and ??? (the organiser)
Photo /nick/4268
Is it quite what it seems?
Photo /nick/4269
Kat show why she shouldn't be trusted with the camera...
Photo /nick/4270
We pack into a kebab shop, demanding food, and only just all fitting in
Photo /nick/4271
The amassed crowds wait for food
Photo /nick/4272
Stu, passed out on the floor

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