Photo /nick/4201
Nottingham play at skipping with their practice rope
Photo /nick/4202
While some of us practiced knots with our ropes, others recreated primary school playgound scenes....
Photo /nick/4203
Mental note - ensure camera lense has demisted before taking photos.....
Photo /nick/4204
If you look very hard, you can just see the swimmers in the pool
Photo /nick/4205
This one shows it much better - the non injured waterpolo players
Photo /nick/4206
Dealing with the dappy lifeguard who was on his first day
Photo /nick/4207
A rescuer without an aid swims past the game in progress
Photo /nick/4208
The injured keeper makes a bit of a fuss, as the recuer wishes he had the lifeguards torpedo bouy
Photo /nick/4209
Just below the dark blue player was the body (Steve, the 10th player), but no-one found him....
Photo /nick/4210
Tab Dan deals with the dappy lifeguard
Photo /nick/4211
Rapid clearing of the pool
Photo /nick/4212
Stu, hard at work judging
Photo /nick/4213
"We'd like to point out that the Birmingham old boys really do have a girl on their team"
Photo /nick/4214
Robyn looks the part....
Photo /nick/4215
Photo /nick/4216
The guy with the injured leg was quite stubborn about not swimming....
Photo /nick/4217
The swim and tow times were scarily fast
Photo /nick/4218
Photo /nick/4219
Will swims hard for the Oxbridge combined team
Photo /nick/4220
The bonus event - the torpedo bouy relay

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