Photo /nick/4101
Nicola and Cat, both looking lovely in their ball gowns, and both showing alternate ways to cope with having wine and ice cream at the same time
Photo /nick/4102
We let Cat take a group photo of us (Nick, Nicola, Nikki and Annat, in case you're playing with the search feature....)
Photo /nick/4103
Cat breaks the camera, so Nick takes the photo instead. Strangely, Annant doesn't look as happy as you'd expect, give he's with 3 girls...
Photo /nick/4104
The "fun" shot. Blame Nicola...
Photo /nick/4105
Nicola came up with a great caption to go with this photo. Unfortunately, we'd already started drinking by that point, so no-one can remember it....
Photo /nick/4106
Nicola and Greg, smiling lots.
Photo /nick/4107
And then we see why - they're both behind the bar!
Photo /nick/4108
"Nicola and her boyz"
Photo /nick/4109
"Nicola and her bitches". No, wait, that caption was for another photo, wasn't it?
Photo /nick/4110
We happen across one of Nikki's housemates, Random Ellie
Photo /nick/4111
Annant tries hard to get a photo worthy of being his committee photo for next year
Photo /nick/4112
Nikki, Nicola and Cat have a group hug, ahh....
Photo /nick/4113
Oh look, it's another group shot by the fireplace
Photo /nick/4114
Photo /nick/4115
Ahh, that's better. A nice lifesavers group shot
Photo /nick/4116
Nicola finds herself back behind the bar, and back in trouble...
Photo /nick/4118
Nicola, barstaff extrodinaire. Not bad going for someone who scant days before swore blind she'd never touch a drop of alcohol!
Photo /nick/4120
Nicola, being, well, Nicola....
Photo /nick/4121
This is probably the photo for which the comment "Nicola and her bitches" should be applied, we think
Photo /nick/4122
Nicola finds herself a gladiator
Photo /nick/4123
All of the lifesavers and a random loiter outside the room
Photo /nick/4124
Loosing the random, we get a much better framed shot. Well, better framed for all except Nikki anyway!
Photo /nick/4125
Nicola gets all happy and huggy after a few glasses of wine
Photo /nick/4126
Aww, don't they look cute?
Photo /nick/4127
Nicola demonstrates why she shouldn't be allowed to leave glasses of wine near the edge of the table
Photo /nick/4129
Ha! Despite Annant's best efforts, a quick swap of the camera memory allowed this one to escape being deleted :-)
Photo /nick/4131
Two of the three Nic(k)'s
Photo /nick/4132
Another one of Nicola and Annant. We blame Nicola keep saying "camera! camera!". And this coming from the person who at the start of the night moaned about the camera coming....
Photo /nick/4133
Da Girlz, looking a little drunk
Photo /nick/4134
OK, perhaps looking a lot drunk....
Photo /nick/4135
Greg escapes from committee stuff for a photo
Photo /nick/4136
Nicola smiles as Greg falls asleep on her. We blame his new girlfriend
Photo /nick/4137
Nikki and random Ellie. Bad Nick, mustn't make that slip again
Photo /nick/4138
Ellie's face says it all....
Photo /nick/4139
Cat shows off Greg's bow tie, expertly tied for her by Nick
Photo /nick/4141
Greg laments the loss of his bow tie
Photo /nick/4142
Annant with the girls. And oh look, it's Nicola again.
Photo /nick/4144
Greg seems to be falling asleep again....
Photo /nick/4146
Ahh! The bow tie is undone!
Photo /nick/4147
Another group shot, with Cat and Annant in such good framing....
Photo /nick/4148
Wow! Greg's woken up! Oh, and less of a suprise, it's another photo with Nicola in it....
Photo /nick/4149
Nicola aquires a sword, and begins harassing people
Photo /nick/4150
Photo /nick/4151
Nikki gets the other sword, and takes on Nicola
Photo /nick/4152
Nicola takes lessons in sword play from the gladiator
Photo /nick/4153
Nicola and Nikki, both quite far gone...
Photo /nick/4154
Random and Random, it seem's Ellie had pulled

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