Photo /nick/3911
We leave the pool and take the back route to the pub
Photo /nick/3912
Lots of fields in the centre of cambridge, aren't there?
Photo /nick/3913
We arrive at the Anchor pub, and sit outside by the river
Photo /nick/3914
Bit chilly, but we don't mind, we have drinks after all
Photo /nick/3915
Most of cambridge make it along to join us, having dropped things off at home
Photo /nick/3916
As it gets dark, people's friends appear (far left were friends of Will, near left was a friend of Nikki)
Photo /nick/3917
Sian, formerly Oxford and now Cambridge, joins the Oxford table
Photo /nick/3918
Cambridge knock back quite a few drinks, as we wait in the Anchor pub before going for curry
Photo /nick/3919
We try to mix Oxford and Cambridge together, and mostly suceed
Photo /nick/3920
Will, Chris, ??, Dan, ??, Will, Esther, Greg, Nikki, Nicola, ??, Liz and ??
Photo /nick/3921
Yes, it's beer in a glass. And...???
Photo /nick/3922
Chris tries to open the bottle of champagne
Photo /nick/3923
Chris looks for someone appropriate to shoot at
Photo /nick/3924
The legendary shot of Sian, which caused some constenation when taken. Can't think why...
Photo /nick/3925
Chris, still having not shot off
Photo /nick/3926
Beer, with pennies in them, not being drunk much
Photo /nick/3927
A rather strange shot of Will, Nick and Chris's back
Photo /nick/3928
Nikki, Annant and Nicola, all quite far gone
Photo /nick/3929
Lots of drinks on the table. Us, heavy drinkers?
Photo /nick/3930
The long table. Seemed to be quite a few of us
Photo /nick/3931
And the smaller table, for those who arrived that bit later
Photo /nick/3932
Sian, Liz (in her skirt! Liz, in a skirt!) and Chris lead the advanced party to the pub
Photo /nick/3933
The stairs up to the room we'd had booked. Don't ask me about the photo though, Nikki had the camera at the time (I'd gone off to get CDs)
Photo /nick/3934
Nicola heads up to the pub. Just don't ask about the jeans.....
Photo /nick/3935
Anyone think Nikki was taking photos for the hell of it?
Photo /nick/3937
${Random Tab} who helped Will with the DJing
Photo /nick/3938
Photo /nick/3939
The Nic's
Photo /nick/3940
Will and Greg start DJing (with the limited cds present), while Nick and Chris headed off for more CDs
Photo /nick/3941
Nicola, with her normal tipple, a blue WKD
Photo /nick/3942
Nicola and Will (the other one there that night)
Photo /nick/3943
Annant and Nikki, the Oxford couple
Photo /nick/3945
And another photo of them, quite why we needed a second one is unknown.....
Photo /nick/3947
Greg DJs, following the normal DJ phoning in sick
Photo /nick/3948
Oh look, another Annant and Nikki shot
Photo /nick/3949
And yet another..... while they do look nice together, do we really need any more photos of them?
Photo /nick/3950
Greg, wearing his trademark coat and scarf
Photo /nick/3951
Greg the party animal
Photo /nick/3952
Look at that style! Look at that suave!
Photo /nick/3953
Oh look, another Nikki and Annant photo
Photo /nick/3954
Will, Greg and ${tab} DJ, much to everyone's delight
Photo /nick/3955
Nick, Greg, Nicola, and a drink. Don't ask us why though, we were drunk....
Photo /nick/3956
The Nic[k]'s and Greg, chilling out
Photo /nick/3957
Someone hide's their belly button
Photo /nick/3958
And then give us and shows it. But, who's is it?
Photo /nick/3959
How about this one?
Photo /nick/3960
Or this one?
Photo /nick/3961
This one?
Photo /nick/3962
Or this one?
Photo /nick/3963
Is this one's Annants?
Photo /nick/3964
Or this one?
Photo /nick/3965
Who's is this?
Photo /nick/3966
And this?
Photo /nick/3967
Greg, ammused by it all
Photo /nick/3969
Unfortunately, the phone gives this one away. Supposedly, this is a very nice belly button, but do we agree?
Photo /nick/3970
Liz and Nicola chill out on the dance floor
Photo /nick/3971
Ruth arrives with the other waterpolo players (she'd won her match)
Photo /nick/3972
YA shot of Nicola's belly. Will we ever bore of this?
Photo /nick/3973
A smiley Nicola, a rare sight for late in the night....
Photo /nick/3974
Nikki and Nicola, taking a break from dancing
Photo /nick/3975
Oh, scary, a shot of Nick
Photo /nick/3976
Photo /nick/3977
Random Tabs wearing their waterpolo colours. They have to do various forfits if they loose them
Photo /nick/3978
DJ Will, rocking da house!
Photo /nick/3980
Liz and Nicola, bopping away
Photo /nick/3983
Oh, suprise, it's Nikki and Annant!
Photo /nick/3984
Almost a shot without one of them.....
Photo /nick/3986
Annant and a recently returned Nicola
Photo /nick/3987
Oxford crowd the DJ booth
Photo /nick/3989
Dan and Sian, getting it on
Photo /nick/3990
Go Dan! Go Dan!
Photo /nick/3991
Aww, look. It's the lovely Liz from Cambridge, chilling out before heading home
Photo /nick/3992
Who'd believe it? I know 4 people from Cambridge not involved in Lifesaving, and I meet two of them in the Kebab van queue! It's Phil and Max!

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