Photo /nick/3790
Who's is this "perfectly normal" belly button?
Photo /nick/3791
John drinks his pint of Guiness, in penance for his shocking rope throw performance
Photo /nick/3792
Everyone donned their event TShirts, and got on with drinking in Fat Paddy's
Photo /nick/3793
The bar queue was quite long, as we were drinking quite a lot...
Photo /nick/3794
The back of Kat's shirt, before it got too bad
Photo /nick/3795
Alex is well graffitied early on
Photo /nick/3796
My shirt is attacked by Tabs
Photo /nick/3797
How about this one, who's is it?
Photo /nick/3798
Alex and Kat join together for the string led trip to the Guild
Photo /nick/3800
Kat, Nick and Alex in the basement bar of the Guild
Photo /nick/3801
Kat and Tab Chris, both with well covered tshirts
Photo /nick/3802
Kat and Nick. Anyone notice who was less camera shy than normal? ;-)
Photo /nick/3803
Ohh, what do we have here...?
Photo /nick/3804
Yup, Kat has pulled Ralph from Birmingham! Ralph, of the mauling Jo fame, and with a girlfriend!
Photo /nick/3805
Post Fab at the Guild, we head out for a curry. This was taken about 3.30, just before the food arrived...

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