Photo /nick/3102
Southampton and Birmingham chill out in Magdalen Bar before the results
Photo /nick/3103
Birmingham queue at the bar
Photo /nick/3104
The winning freshers team, Nottingham D
Photo /nick/3105
Third place team, Birmingham A
Photo /nick/3106
Second place team, Southampton A
Photo /nick/3107
The winning team (as usual...), Nottingham A, with the shiny new Oxford Competition Shield
Photo /nick/3108
The freshers group play the bottle game in the Turl
Photo /nick/3109
Move those bottles!
Photo /nick/3110
Southampton Alex demonstrates how to play the lolly game
Photo /nick/3111
The freshers have a try, with varying sucess
Photo /nick/3112
The freshers set off, four legged, for the Turf
Photo /nick/3113
Some groups found the challenge easier than others
Photo /nick/3114
Cat, the other group leader, marches her group onwards
Photo /nick/3115
Meanwhile, some of the others lag behind, shouting abuse and being attacked by other pub crawls!
Photo /nick/3118
Yes, it is a narrow path down to the turf
Photo /nick/3119
See, we said you could do it
Photo /nick/3122
Loitering in the Turf, we sample the many nice bitters to be found there
Photo /nick/3123
Cat in yet another "almost looks like she's kissing" lifesaving photo...
Photo /nick/3124
Everyone has a try at the strawberry lace game
Photo /nick/3126
Some do much better than others
Photo /nick/3127
Look at the Nottingham lot go!
Photo /nick/3128
Alex has a go with an old friend who happened to be in the Turf
Photo /nick/3131
We arrive in The Studio, and take advantage of the free bar
Photo /nick/3132
The Oxford social captains, Nicola (2), Katrina (4), Annant (3), Gail (3), Cat (4) and Laura (3)
Photo /nick/3133
Everyone gets to know the other clubs
Photo /nick/3134
Chris, Katrina and Laura do something camera worthy, which now eludes us...
Photo /nick/3135
Pass those Ice Gems around!
Photo /nick/3136
Some random lifesavers pull (apparently they're Lex and Dave from Birmingham)
Photo /nick/3137
Another ice gem action shots
Photo /nick/3138
Katrina readies herself before starting another ice gem round
Photo /nick/3139
And she's off
Photo /nick/3141
Nicola experiences a momentary popularity spike by returning with vast amounts of drink
Photo /nick/3142
All those bottles, and to think our straws were in the manager's office... :-(
Photo /nick/3143
Nicola and Annant
Photo /nick/3144
Nic and Cat, just after they pulled in front of the DJ to get a bottle of sparkling
Photo /nick/3146
The lifesaving corner of the club
Photo /nick/3147
The organising committee, well on the way to being seriously pissed
Photo /nick/3149
Photo /nick/3150
Lifesavers taking up the bulk of the dance floor
Photo /nick/3151
Laura and some bloke from Birmingham (John apparently) get off, with the Birmingham randoms in the background, demonstrating it was a sucessful social for pulling
Photo /nick/3156
We continue to fill the dance floor, and it can be seen that Cat had pulled
Photo /nick/3157
It was all too much for one poor fresher...
Photo /nick/3158
Alex and Louise from Nottingham discuss tactics (her team beat his...)
Photo /nick/3159
Photo /nick/3160
Cat and Laura, strangely devoid of their randoms
Photo /nick/3162
Aimee and the ever well behaved Nicola
Photo /nick/3163
Nick and Alex, the GS boys
Photo /nick/3166
Cat and bloke (Chris from Birmingham) but just what are they up to?
Photo /nick/3167
Photo /nick/3168
Birmingham John and Cambridge (Dan, co-leader of social group 2) mingle
Photo /nick/3170
Cat and her random shot 1 ....
Photo /nick/3171
... and alternate shot 2.
Photo /nick/3173
Aww, don't they look cute?
Photo /nick/3174
Photo /nick/3175
Laura goes for the Blair witch look
Photo /nick/3176
Nicola and Stu find the last pack of iced gems
Photo /nick/3177
Photo /nick/3179
If you didn't know better, you might be forgiven for thinking Cat was actually one of us...
Photo /nick/3180
Photo /nick/3181
Photo /nick/3182
Photo /nick/3183
Photo /nick/3185
Photo /nick/3186
Loughborough, thankfully not dressed as Angels this year
Photo /nick/3187
Yet another couple, or were they? Apparently, it's Blondie from Southampton and some other...
Photo /nick/3188
Perhaps loughborough as angels would've been better...
Photo /nick/3189
We finally locate our social sec Greg, who was so pissed he didn't know/care that he'd hardly met my sister before...

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