Photo /nick/3001
Alex demonstrates the broom trick to anyone who'll watch
Photo /nick/3002
Nicola and "Bloke" look after the drunked Tom
Photo /nick/3003
More people play with the broom, but fail to be as good as Alex
Photo /nick/3004
Tom looses his glasses, so Nic and bloke look for them
Photo /nick/3005
Nic tries to guide Tom home
Photo /nick/3006
??? tries once more with the broom, while everyone laughs lots
Photo /nick/3007
Nic and bloke finally get Tom moving towards his caravan
Photo /nick/3008
Group Photo! (Outside Mitch, Gemma and Laura's caravan)
Photo /nick/3010
Laura gives instructions on the correct use of the broom
Photo /nick/3011
Meanwhile inside, Steve and Rose have passed out
Photo /nick/3012
Laura and Alex do more demo's for Chris and Jo
Photo /nick/3013
Everyone tires of the broom and heads back into the caravan, where Steve and Rose are still passed out
Photo /nick/3014
Alex cooks breakfast for us all, with his delightful washing hung up around the lounge
Photo /nick/3015
The Friday night was too much for poor Nicola, who kept falling asleep.
But, then again, she was "the child in this twisted gay family", so what do you expect?
Photo /nick/3016
Nicola, as Mrs Doctor, dressed up and ready for the Saturday themed social, Doctors and Nurses
Photo /nick/3017
Nick and Alex, in similar atire, but just not making it look nearly as good....
Photo /nick/3018
Drinking Snakebite Black in the caravan, with Alex modeling the lovely big blue gloves
Photo /nick/3019
Laura in her extra short nurses outfit (it took her 20 minutes to shorten it earlier in the afternoon)
Photo /nick/3020
Nicola checks the health of a Jelly Baby, as "Daddy" Alex looks on
Photo /nick/3021
Chris, Steve and Laura, all dressed up and ready to roll
Photo /nick/3022
Chris, Rose, Suzzie, Gemma, Laura and Mitch, the Boscombe nurse collective
Photo /nick/3023
Pete (the real nurse), in full surgical geer
Photo /nick/3024
Nick, and his sister Laura
Photo /nick/3025
Photo /nick/3026
Nick, looking not much like any doctor you'd want to see
Photo /nick/3027
All the Boscombe nurses and patients:
Alex, Jo, ???, Chris, Rose, Mitch, Gemma, Julia, Tony, Suzzie, "Nurse Crawly", Rosie, Roz, Laura and Steve Massey
Photo /nick/3028
Roz, Rose and Suzzie drinking in the pub, as security looked on from a distance
Photo /nick/3029
Nicola and Roz, both uncharacteristically without men ;-)
Photo /nick/3030
"42 Weeks" Tony, Massey and Mitch
Photo /nick/3031
Alex demonstrates just what can be done with a latex glove
Photo /nick/3032
Steve with his real sister, and his adoptive sister (following a sister swap the previous night)
Photo /nick/3033
Photo /nick/3034
Nick models Nicola's bag
Photo /nick/3035
Everyone eventually finds an excuse to touch up Nicola (this time it was "doing up her coat...")
Photo /nick/3036
Nicola and bloke, pulling as usual
Photo /nick/3038
Photo /nick/3039
Just what were they up to here? (Captions to the club)
Photo /nick/3040
The poor Haven rep on the dance floor gets more confused by our behavoir
Photo /nick/3041
Bloke proceeds to strip to the music, getting down to his underwear and then flashing his arse. However, as he wouldn't go the full monty, the band spent the rest of the night calling him "Mr Periwinkle"...
Photo /nick/3042
Steve fixes Laura's dress, as bloke makes it another photo in need of a better caption...
Photo /nick/3043
Steve and bloke try to spit-roast Nicola on the stage
Photo /nick/3044
Another worried rep looks on at Nicola and Steve on the stage
Photo /nick/3045
Bloke shows off his Man Breasts
Photo /nick/3046
Nicola has a feel of them too
Photo /nick/3047
Our mad lot on the danse floor
Photo /nick/3048
We're flying. On beer....
Photo /nick/3049
Nurse Crawly and Doctor Doctor
Photo /nick/3050
Nial and Steve go about picking up some women....
Photo /nick/3051
... and land a Nicola!
Photo /nick/3052
Alex with a condom latex glove on his head
Photo /nick/3053
Nicola gets picked up yet more
Photo /nick/3054
Nicola demonstrates what happens when you give her beer... nice!
Photo /nick/3055
Bundle! Everyone tries to ride Alex
Photo /nick/3056
Nic and Bloke, yet again
Photo /nick/3057
Nial and Laura do some dirty dansing
Photo /nick/3058
1, 2, 3, Vomit!
Photo /nick/3059
Doctor and Mrs Doctor!
Photo /nick/3060
Well well, what do we have here?
Photo /nick/3061
Nicola isn't going anywhere!
Photo /nick/3062
On returning to the caravan, drinking continues, with men still in dresses
Photo /nick/3063
So, just who was under the covers with bloke?
Photo /nick/3064
Nicola falls asleep again, must've been a big night...

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