Photo /nick/2188
John and Laura show off the Oxford kit as we arrive at the beach (the rest of the team was Nick, Aimee, Chris, and Beth from Birmingham)
Photo /nick/2189
John, with Nottingham in the background, in the "uni" area of the competitors beach
Photo /nick/2190
The Bournemouth Hut, as seen from the competitors beach
Photo /nick/2191
Nick and Chris, by the buoy throwing area
Photo /nick/2192
Nick and Chris await their turn to throw the buoy
Photo /nick/2193
Aimee and Chris, enjoying the beach, between events
Photo /nick/2194
Nick and Chris chill out by the Durley Inn
Photo /nick/2195
The buoy throw area
Photo /nick/2196
The beach to the east, towards Bournemouth Pier
Photo /nick/2197
Southampton Chris is buoy measuring meister
Photo /nick/2198
The Isle of Wight, as seen from the competitors beach
Photo /nick/2199
It was a gorgeous day, as demonstrated by this photo
Photo /nick/2200
Birmingham Rob completes his buoy throw
Photo /nick/2201
Nick takes the buoy throw for OULSC
Photo /nick/2202
Nick completes his throw
Photo /nick/2203
The cobra ski section of the cadets Iron Man
Photo /nick/2204
More of the cadets Iron Man
Photo /nick/2205
John practices his CPR before doing the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2206
John, with his kit, almost ready to start
Photo /nick/2207
The races beach, from the Oxford lane
Photo /nick/2208
Looking towards the Bournemouth hut from the races beach
Photo /nick/2209
The Oxford Lane, with the manakin ready for the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2210
The men's Iron Man ski race in progress
Photo /nick/2211
Boscombe Steve finishes the "swim with a bucket" section of the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2212
More people complete the swim section of the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2213
Photo /nick/2214
People do the CPR to complete the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2215
John completes the Iron Man swim, without a torpedo buoy, as someone else had grabbed his once theirs had drifted off
Photo /nick/2216
John completes his swim, and sprints towards the manakin
Photo /nick/2217
John does CPR, completing the Iron Man
Photo /nick/2218
The races beach, after the Iron Man is over
Photo /nick/2219
The club mascots
Photo /nick/2220
Swimming out to the race buoys, with the Nottingham teams in the foreground (they went on to come second in both Men's and Women's events)
Photo /nick/2221
The teams prepare to do the "Reel and Line" event
Photo /nick/2222
The casualties for the reel and line swim out to the buoys
Photo /nick/2223
The swimmers head out towards their casualties
Photo /nick/2224
The swimmers continue on out
Photo /nick/2225
More swimmers enter the water
Photo /nick/2226
The first teams begin pulling in, as the rest continue their swim out
Photo /nick/2227
Photo /nick/2228
Most teams pull their rescuer and casualties in
Photo /nick/2229
Teams pull in, as the eventual winners carry their casualty in to the shore
Photo /nick/2230
Bringing in the casualty at the end of the rescue
Photo /nick/2231
The Sunday incident - the parents find "Timmy", who was run over, as the rescuers bring in the people from the car
Photo /nick/2232
More of the Sunday incident
Photo /nick/2233
Dealing with Timmy, as the people from the car are wrapped in space blankets, and the surfing collision victims are brought in to shore
Photo /nick/2234
The other car, on the cadets incident beach
Photo /nick/2235
Preparing for the Sunday Reel And Line

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