Photo /nick/2167
Boscombe Lifeguards very kindly invite us down to their unit to train before Bournemouth Regatta, so two weekends before the regatta we headed down for some beach training. This is the Boscombe unit
Photo /nick/2168
The quad bike, outside the Ops Room
Photo /nick/2169
Boscombe Zulu, outside of the unit
Photo /nick/2170
The quad bike and zulu, outside the equipment room
Photo /nick/2171
Boscombe Pier, as seen from outside the Ops Room
Photo /nick/2172
The hardened OULSC beach-goers go for some sea training
Photo /nick/2173
Aimee, Nick and Chris complete a rescue
Photo /nick/2174
The beach, you can't beat it for training :)
Photo /nick/2175
Chris loiters in the Ops Room window
Photo /nick/2176
Sarah, on comms duty
Photo /nick/2177
The first aid room
Photo /nick/2178
The Ops Room
Photo /nick/2180
We decide to bury Chris
Photo /nick/2181
Photo /nick/2182
Chris tries to summon the enthusiasm to escape
Photo /nick/2183
Washing down the kit at the end of the day
Photo /nick/2184
Looking east from the unit, towards Hengisbury Head
Photo /nick/2185
Looking west from the unit, at the pier
Photo /nick/2186
Chris washes down some kit outside the unit
Photo /nick/2187
The patrol zone, and further along towards Hengisbury

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