Photo /nick/1214
Another night of playing trivial persuit lay ahead of us
Photo /nick/1215
Jo does her "sexy secretary" look
Photo /nick/1216
Nick, with a pint
Photo /nick/1217
Chris and Aimee finally arrive
Photo /nick/1218
As does "Tardy" Becky
Photo /nick/1219
Aimee and Jo - Speak to the hand
Photo /nick/1221
Jo shows of her cheesy grin
Photo /nick/1222
Is Aimee trying to better it, or is she just asleep?
Photo /nick/1223
What is it with hands?
Photo /nick/1224
A gratuitous shot of Becky
Photo /nick/1225
Jo and Aimee, thinking hard
Photo /nick/1226
Becky and Alex in silly face shocker!
Photo /nick/1227
More cheesy smiles from Aimee and Jo
Photo /nick/1228
Richard and Chris, getting the pints in
Photo /nick/1229
Yes, well....
Photo /nick/1230
Alex looking almost normal
Photo /nick/1231
A rather scary shot of Nick
Photo /nick/1232
Jo, smiling sweetly at Richard no doubt
Photo /nick/1233
Well, it was about time we had another shot of Becky, wasn't it?
Photo /nick/1235
Strange hand movements R us
Photo /nick/1236
Yet more sillyness from Aimee and Jo
Photo /nick/1237
Photo /nick/1238
Ok Alex, what's with the under the table shot?
Photo /nick/1239
Beer :)
Photo /nick/1240
Chris and Becky, hard in though
Photo /nick/1241
Aimee and Jo copy
Photo /nick/1242
Photo /nick/1243
Richard, friend of Alex, Simon
Photo /nick/1244
Photo /nick/1245
Last one with their hand on their chin gets in the next round! Or something
Photo /nick/1246
Everyone stares intently at the board, still with hands on chins. Most bizare
Photo /nick/1247
Chris in gormless face shocker!
Photo /nick/1248
Alex, still hand on chin. I guess it's all his fault then
Photo /nick/1249
The game progresses slowly
Photo /nick/1250
Ahh! The hand!!
Photo /nick/1251
Nick joins in the silly face game as Chris goes wild with the camera
Photo /nick/1252
Nick and Richard, not actually loosing for once
Photo /nick/1253
Nick, the games meister
Photo /nick/1255
YA Becky shot, got to keep up with the quota you know
Photo /nick/1256
Jo eats her hand. There was probably a good reason at the time...
Photo /nick/1257
Photo /nick/1259
Another smiling Jo shot
Photo /nick/1260
Much thinking abounds
Photo /nick/1262
Photo /nick/1263
The last shot of Becky of the night
Photo /nick/1264
Alex, looking slightly the worse for wear after much real ale
Photo /nick/1265
Richard, not Simon

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