Photo /nick/1151
A scary close-up of myself to set the mood...
Photo /nick/1152
Chris takes to the table, against the undefeated Martin
Oh, and dig the shiny new club Polo Shirt he's modeling
Photo /nick/1153
Neck and neck, but Chris does have the nicer top...
Photo /nick/1154
Nicola is let loose on the table, god help us all
Photo /nick/1155
But can she break?
Photo /nick/1156
Aimee pool sharking
Photo /nick/1157
We begin the game of Trivial Persuit
Photo /nick/1158
Aimee and Alex confer before getting YA question correct
Photo /nick/1159
Chris and Martin both deep in thought
Photo /nick/1160
Nic and Cat, don't they look lovely?
Photo /nick/1161
The game early on. Notice Aimee and Alex with all the cheeses
Photo /nick/1162
Aimee stuggles to read a long word, so Alex and Ruth are called to the rescue
Photo /nick/1163
Scary faces from scary people. Do not mess with these guys
Photo /nick/1164
Becky arrives, and joins the losing team of Chris and Cat
Photo /nick/1165
Becky deep in thought
Photo /nick/1166
The champion four
Photo /nick/1167
The loosing three
Photo /nick/1168
Martin tries to better Nick and Alex's earlier performances
Photo /nick/1169
Martin, Ruth and Aimee
Photo /nick/1170
Dom arrives to help out Nic and Nick. Just don't ask about Chris...
Photo /nick/1171
Nearing the end, the positions (and quantities of beer) can be clearly seen
Photo /nick/1172
I think Dom took this one..
Photo /nick/1173
Chris with his hat
Photo /nick/1174
Myself in the funky new club fleece
Photo /nick/1175
Beer and Trivial Persuit. What more could you want of an evening?
Photo /nick/1176
Chris, still playing with his hat
Photo /nick/1177
The Nic(k)'s get a question right for once
Photo /nick/1178
Someone wins a cheese
Photo /nick/1179
Another impressive sans-head photo, this time of Aimee (sporting the bag from Southampton which took the entire competition to buy)
Photo /nick/1180
The alcohol was leaving a few people a little the worse for wear
Photo /nick/1181
Martin, thinking hard as ever
Photo /nick/1182
Alex shows off his amazing height once again
Photo /nick/1184
Photo /nick/1186
Anyone else think that should be a pipe not a cigarette?
Photo /nick/1187
Yet more scary faces..
Photo /nick/1189
Isn't the bar roof nice? No dank cellar for us
Photo /nick/1190
By this point in the evening the bar had filled up
Photo /nick/1191
Alex takes charge of the camera
Photo /nick/1192
And takes a frankly scary quantity of photos of Becky
Photo /nick/1193
Photo /nick/1194
Photo /nick/1195
Photo /nick/1196
Photo /nick/1197
Before you ask, yes we did actually delete most of the Becky shots, there really were loads of them
Photo /nick/1198
Until finally we get the last shot of second place Martin and Ruth
Photo /nick/1199
Nic, Cat and the end of evening debris

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